Boost Brigade Outerwear

Item Type Size Type/Size PART #
Jacket Boost Brigade Classics Sm-XL

Greddy G Boost Brigade Black Coach's Jacket

Item: Jacket
Type: Boost Brigade Classics
Size: Sm-XL

GReddy Boost Brigade Zip-up Hoodie
2015 Fall Collection - Boost Brigade by GReddy GPP

Available USA Sizes:
  Small   - 18014141
  Med.    - 18014142
  Large   - 18014143
  XL        - 18014144

Style name: GReddy "G" Boost Brigade Jacket

Color: Black

Fabric: 100% nylon w/ waterproof coating

Description: Nylon coach's jacket with button front placket
Printed art on front left chest and back

Part #: 18014140
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