Injectors & Misc.

GReddy Universal Fuel Inectors are known to have reliable high capacity flow with an excellent spray pattern. These universal style low impedance (peak-hold) units come in 3 popular high flow sizes and are ideal for supplementing fuel requirements in additional injector set-ups. A good way to meet increased fuel supply requirements, is the use of additional injectors. GReddy Injector Holder Kits are an ideal solution for properly mounting and sealing GReddy Fuel Injectors for use with our Rebic or e-manage systems.

Car Make Car Model Car Year Description PART #
Fuel Injector 660cc

Additonal Injector Type 

Car Make: Fuel Injector
Car Model:
Car Year: 660cc

(dark blue) 660cc

Nippon Denso / GReddy

Additional Injector Type


peak-hold, low impedence 1-2 omh

Part #: 13500066
Price: 150.00