Revolution - RS

GReddy is proud to announce the Revolution RS line of exhaust systems. Named for the revolutionary approach to the design and construction of each application, this racing-sport line focuses on performance with an aggressive look and sound. Careful attention to the flow of exhaust layouts and the internal straight-through construction of each muffler and resonator sets this system apart from similar-looking imitators. Updated ultra high-temperature resistant, sound suppression materials of various densities and high-quality TIG-welded 304 stainless-steel provide premium quality at an affordable price.  As with our new exhaust lines for 2014-15, the Revolution RS is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

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Car Make Car Model Car Year Description PART #
Nissan 350Z 2003-08

Revolution RS Exhaust - disco.

Car Make: Nissan
Car Model: 350Z
Car Year: 2003-08

New model coming soon... (10128100 is discontinued)

The Revolution RS for the Nissan 350Z is ideal for turbocharged VQ35s but also makes great power for normally aspirated applications. The full dual 3” Y-back, cat-back exhaust features a dual resonator cross-over pipe for sound control and equalizing exhaust pressures. Aggressive dual Revolution RS muffler canisters are angled match the Z looks while making room for the included EVAP canister relocation kit. Extra long 150mm length tips finish off the system under the factory bumper cut-outs. Like all GReddy Revolution RS systems the fully hand-welded 304 Stainless-Steel exhaust carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Chassis:   Z33

Engine:   VQ35DE / VQ35HR 
Type:   full dual cat-back exhaust with dual mufflers

Number of pieces:  5 + EVAP relocation kit
Piping:   76mm (3.0")
Tip(s):    115mm (4.5") 2x non-removable
Gasket(s):    3.0" oval (qty: 4 included) replacement
Resonator:   2x H-pipe

Weight:  TBA lbs   (Stock weight  TBA lbs)
Sound level:  101 dB(a)

HP:  +10  hp
TRQ:  +7  ft-lbs

*Data collected on stock vehicle    *Retains catalytic convertor, front pipe    
*TBA = To Be Announced

Part #: 10128100
Price: 1295.00
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Nissan 370Z 2009-14

Revolution RS Exhaust - coming soon

Car Make: Nissan
Car Model: 370Z
Car Year: 2009-14

The new RS takes a revolutionary approach to design and tuning of each specific Revolution RS application. Feel and hear the power of the Revolution!

   more info coming soon...


Chassis:   Z34
Engine:   VQ37HR 
Type:   TBA system

Number of pieces:  TBA
Piping:   TBA mm (TBA")
Tip:   TBA mm (TBA")
Gasket(s):    TBA" oval (qty: X included) replacement
Resonator:   TBA

Weight:  TBA lbs   (Stock weight  TBA lbs)
Sound level:  TBA dB(a)

HP:  +TBA  hp
TRQ:  +TBA  ft-lbs

*Data collected on stock vehicle    *Retains catalytic convertor, front pipe    
*TBA = To Be Announced

Part #: 10128101
Price: TBA