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RS RACE - 350Z (Z33) w/o Y-pipe
GPP Civic Type R - Driver-side Front Mesh Grill
GPP Racers Tool Bags - 2 sizes, 2 styles
Greddy Oil Filter Relocation Kit - Toyota JZA80 Supra (2JZ)
GPP Resevoir Covers - Navy, Black, Yellow, or Grey
Type 23 Intercooler - Toyota (JZA80) Supra
PANDEM Widebody Kit - Mazda FC3S RX-7
DCT Transmission Cooler Kit - 2017-on Nissan GT-R
Type 33 Intercooler - Mitsubishi (CZ4A) Evo X
FRP & Carbon Lips Spoilers - FC3/FC1 Civic Si
GPP Oil Cooler Kit - 1.5L Turbo Civic Si / Sport HB
GReddy Widebody Aero Kit - 2017-on Nissan GT-R
RS Tip Silencers - for Revo.RS, RS-Race, RS-Ti
'17- Honda Civic Type R (Turbo) - Supreme SP - HG (3tip)
GReddy Reservoir Covers - Black or Blue
Subaru VA WRX/STI Single - Revolution RS
3.0" Universal GReddy Muffler - with Replaceable 115mm Tip
2.5" Universal GReddy Muffler - with Replaceable 105mm Tip
2.5" Universal GReddy Muffler - with Replaceable 105mm Tip
'17-on Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ - GPP - RS Race Exhaust
Subaru VA WRX STI - GPP - RS Race Exhaust
Subaru GRB WRX STI HB - GPP - RS Race Exhaust
Mitsubishi CZ4A EvoX - GPP - RS Race Exhaust
Nissan Z34 370Z - GPP - RS Race Exhaust
Nissan Z33 350Z - GPP - RS Race Exhaust
Nissan S13 240SX - GPP - RS Race Exhaust
Scion FRS / Subaru BRZ - GPP - RS Race Exhaust
Mitsubishi CT9A Evo8/9 - GPP - RS Race Exhaust
New GReddy Racing x KG21 - Large Umbrella
Dual Muffler S2000 - Supreme SP
GPP Oil Cooler Kit - (FK8) Civic Type R
GPP 2JZ Alternator Bracket - for Waterpump delete
Profec MAP - English Instruction Manual Download
GReddy Sport Fleece - Hood Zip and Track Jacket
GReddy G Work Gloves - Black and GReddy Gradient Fade
GPP GTX-R Tuner Turbo Kit - FRS / BRZ / 86
Z06 Corvette with Carbon Finisher - EVOlution GT Exhaust
Honda S2000 (8K/8K) - GReddy x KW Coil-over kit
Nissan R32 Skyline GTR - EVOlution GT Exhaust
GReddy Front Lip Spoiler - 2017-on Toyota 86 "Kouki"
GReddy Steering Wheel - GReddy / KG21 Models
IS-F Specific (15K/10K) - GReddy x KW Coil-over kit
GReddy Shift Knobs - Counter-weight 304 SUS
GReddy Boost Brigade - Mechanic's Button up - Grey
Nissan 370Z Single - Revolution RS
Nissan 370Z Single - Revolution RS
GReddy Silicone Hose - Replacements
Honda EG Civic 3" - Supreme SP
Nissan 370Z - dual - EVOlution GT
'17 BRZ / 86 - EVOlution GT
Mazda (ND) Miata - Supreme SP
Subaru (GDB) WRX STI - Revolution RS Exhaust
Skyline R32 GTR - Pandem Aero
Lexus IS-F Supreme TI - Titanium exhausts re-release
Nissan Juke - EVOlution GT
New Pandem Aero Kit - Porsche Cayman
Lexus GS-F - Supreme SP
FA20 Engine Pulley Kit - FR-S 86 BRZ
GReddy KW Suspension - Scion FR-S / 86 / BRZ
Carbon Suction Tube - FR-S 86 BRZ
GReddy KW Suspension - Lexus IS-F IS350 IS250
GReddy KW Suspension - Nissan 370Z
GReddy KW Suspension - Nissan 350Z
GReddy KW Suspension - Mitsubishi Evo X
Supreme SP Exhaust - compatible with 2017 Toyota 86 MT
Subaru WRX/STI (GVB) - Revolution RS
Lexus RC350 - Supreme SP
Limited-Ed FR-S/86/BRZ Oil Cooler - Only 86 units Worldwide
New GReddy Racing Lug Nuts - Short Closed Ended
Acura TSX - Suprme SP Exhaust
Honda FG Civic Si - Supreme SP Exhaust
Nissan Juke - EVOlution GT Exhaust
Hyundai Veloster - Supreme SP Exhaust
Honda Civic Si - Supreme SP Exhaust
Scion tC - Revolution RS Exhaust
EVOlution GT for CZ4A EvoX - 76mm, Dual Muffler
Mazda ND & NA Miata - Pandem Widebody Aero Kits
Pandem by TRA Rocket Bunny - R35 GT-R Aero Kit
Pandem by TRA Rocket Bunny - S30 240Z Aero Kit
Official FUGU Z Tee, Cap, and Decals - Exclusively on
Boost Brigade by GReddy 2015 Fall Collection - original Tees, Snap-backs, Hoodies, Jackets, accessories and more...
FR-S/BRZ Revolution RS - light-weight, single sided exhaust
Lexus IS-F Titanium Exhaust - Special Re-release
Rocket Bunny S14 V2 "Boss" - Conversion Aero Kit
Rocket Bunny Z33 - Accepting Pre-Orders Now!
Rocket Bunny NSX - Accepting Special Orders Now!
Rocket Bunny RC F - Accepting Pre-Orders Now!
Revolution RS Exhaust - Honda S2000
new EVOlution GT Exhaust - Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ
Revolution RS Exhaust - Mitsubishi Evolution 8/9
Supreme SP Exhaust - Mazda RX-8
Supreme SP Exhaust - Mitsubishi Lancer GT
Revolution RS Exhaust - Mitsubishi Lancer GT
New Revolution RS - 2.5" & 3.0" round Universal Muffler & Tip
Supreme SP Exhaust - Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ
Revolution Exhaust - Mitsubishi (CZ4A) EvoX
Supreme SP Exhaust - Subaru (GV8) STI sedan
Supreme SP Exhaust - Subaru (GRB) STI HB
94mm Supreme Ti Exhaust - Updated now with 125mm Tips!
GReddy Badge - replacement intake manifold badge
Scion FR-S / 86 - GRacer Lip Spoiler
Subaru BRZ - GRacer Lip Spoiler
(R35) GT-R Spark Plugs - NGK 9 Racing Competition
Rocket Bunny FD3S RX7 - Aero Kit Pre-order- 1st kits due June
Rocket Bunny R35 GT-R - Aero Kit Pre-order- due June
JDM Rocket Bunny T-Shirts - on
Radiator Breather Tank - Revised to fit most Japanese vehicles
Rocket Bunny FR-S/BRZ Ver2 - 1st shipment in, Pre-order now
Price Reduction! - R35 GT-R Intake Manifold Plenum
FV Blow Off Valve Kits - GDB and GRB WRX/STI
FV Blow Off Valve Kits - CT9A and CZ4A Evolution
more Rocket Bunny Kits available - Special Order Pricing
Limited-Ed - JDM Silver/Red Charcoal/Red BOV FV
New Blow off Valve FV - "Floating Valve" Design
T518Z Tuner Turbo Kit - FR-S / BRZ Released
Ltd-ed CS-GTS Ver2 for FR-S Exh. - only 2 imported to the USA
NEW Profec (OLED display) - Electronic Boost Controller
Mitsubishi EvoX (CZ4A) - GReddy Air Intake Systems
Mitsubishi Lancer GTS - GReddy Air Intake Systems
R35 GT-R Throttle Kit - RX Billet Throttle Bodies
DCT Transmission Cooler Kit - 2012- Nissan GTR (R35)
R35 GT-R Y-pipe - Circuit Spec. 76.3-90.0mm
R35 GT-R Front-pipes - Circuit Spec. 76.3mm (pair)
R35 GT-R DCT OIl Pan - Billet cooling pan w/ Mag bolt - replacement Turbo acessories & adapters - replacement Gauge acessories & adapters
R35 GTR 94mm Ti Exhaust - Back in stock!
R35 Top Secret Japan products - in Stock at
Carbon Hood Lifter System - S2000, EvoX, S14, & WRX/STI
R35 Fuel Delivery Tube - High flow Fuel Rail Set
R35 Metal Head Gasket - Big Bore VR Engines
GReddy GR9 Blog - for all things R35 GTR - New GReddy Online Store
Magdrain Plug - Toy, Nis, Hon, Mitsu, Maz, Sub
XL 94mm Titanium Exhaust - Nissan GTR (R35)
GReddy Product Simulator - Fun iPhone App
DCT Transmission Cooler Kit - Nissan GTR (R35)
GReddy License Plate Frames - New 4-color design
Circuit Spec SST Cooler Kit - Mit. Evolution X (CZ4A)
Circuit Spec Oil Cooler Kit - Mit. Evolution X (CZ4A)
Oil Catch Tank - NEW - Compact 600cc (9mm &15mm)
Oil Cooler Kit - Circuit Spec - Honda S2000 (AP1/2)
Aluminum Suction Kit - Mit. Evolution X (CZ4A)
GReddy KW Suspension - Lexus IS-F / IS350 / IS250
Info-TOUCH Sensor Adapter - adds: Boost, Pressure, Tempature


Posted: Friday 14 December 2018 at 10:03

Come by GPP - Greddy Performance Products, Inc. this Sunday, Dec. 16, from 11am-3pm as we host the Royal Origin "Giving SZN" Car Meet and Food Drive!

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Posted: Friday 7 December 2018 at 15:02

You can now Download the Gran Turismo Sport December  Free Update for Sung Kang's GReddy Fugu Z...

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Posted: Monday 24 September 2018 at 09:10

Thank you for attending our GPP x Evasive Motorsports 10th Gen. Meet this past Sat., Sept 22nd...

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Posted: Thursday 30 August 2018 at 17:13

With a winning overall score of 239pts, the Greddy Performance Products GTX2867R Gen 2 Tuner Turbo Kit FRS Challenger takes Win over the other Forced Induction challengers...

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