GReddy Intake Manifolds

Take full advantage of larger turbochargers and high boost levels with a large intake manifold.

GReddy Oil Pan

The large capacity and internal baffles insure proper oil pick-up.

GReddy Oil Catch Tank

GReddy Oil Catch Tanks collect the oil, moisture and blow-by gases that cause carbon and sludge build-up in the intake system and engine.

GReddy Oil Filter

GReddy high performance sports engine oil filters

GReddy Differential Covers

Increases the life of your limited slip differential.

GReddy Timing Belts

Engineered for increase heat-resistance, flexibilty and durability.

GReddy Pulley Kits

Reduce engine drag and improve performance. 

GReddy Metal Head Gaskets

Fine tune compression ratios with these strengthened gaskets. 

Engine and drivetrain strengthening become an important aspect within the "Total Tune-up" concept once introducing large changes in horsepower. In this Engine/Drivetrain section of the site we feature key, (but often overlooked,) upgrades to help you effectively achieve your horsepower goals in an easy and safe way.