Supreme - SP
  • More refine exhaust note; inside and out
  • Hand TIG-weld 304 Stainless Steel
  • Straight-through or directed chambered mufflers for improved sound
  • Limited Life Time Warranty program
Revolution - RS
  • Revolutionary approach for the design of each specific applicaion, maxium performance
  • Hand TIG-welded 304 SUS Stainless Steel
  • Revised internal straight-through design
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty Program
EVOlution GT
  • Retains unique Evolution off-set tip styling, while improving internal construction
  • Hand TIG-weld 304 Stainless Steel
  • Effective straight-through muffler design
  • Limited Life Time Warranty program
Racing Titanium
  • Super Lightweight Racing Exhaust
  • Full Titanium Piping, Muffler & Tip
  • Full Cat-back System in the 10-15lb range
  • Large Piping with Minimal Bends & High Flow Mufflers
Evolution - Evo3
  • Great combination of performance and sound
  • Compact off-set tip and muffler arrangement
  • Improved routing for larger piping diameters 
  • Tuned applications for style, sound and power
SP Elite - SP
  • Elegantly refined Street Performance Exhaust
  • Comfortable tuned sound inside and out
  • Larger polished oval muffler and resonated tip
  • Highly evolved combination of sound, style and power
Racing Sport - RS
  • Aggressive street-styled exhaust system
  • Full polished Stainless-steel cat-back
  • Revised internal straight-through design
  • High-flow mufflers with removable Tri-mount Silencer
Off-Road Exhaust Part
  • Race Only - Off-road exhaust & parts
  • Racing Turbo Downpipes
  • Turbo-back exhaust systems
  • Not to be driven on public roads
Other GReddy Exhaust
  • List of Other GReddy Exhaust Lines
  • EVO2, SP2, G2S, etc...
  • Other JDM GReddy Exhaust
  • CS, PE, etc...

Exhaust systems have always been the base for aftermarket performance. From the beginner starting off to the high horsepower racer, who need to comply to track sound requirements, a well engineered exhaust system will enhance performance, sound, appearances, and economy. Upgrading restrictive factory exhaust with a tuned GReddy Exhaust System will increase horsepower & torque, add a deep sporty exhaust note, give style & flare to the look of your car, all while increasing fuel efficiency.