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Exhaust systems have always been the base for aftermarket performance. From the beginner starting off to the high horsepower racer, who need to comply to track sound requirements, a well engineered exhaust system will enhance performance, sound, appearances, and economy. Upgrading restrictive factory exhaust with a tuned straight-through GReddy and GPP Exhaust System will increase horsepower & torque, add a deep sporty exhaust note, give style & flare to the look of your car, all while increasing fuel efficiency.

                                                                 Select which exhaust style best suits your vehicle.

Car Make Car Model Car Year Description PART #
Toyota 86 2017-

GReddy Revolution RS Exhaust - TBA

Car Make: Toyota
Car Model: 86
Car Year: 2017-

The new RS takes a revolutionary approach to design and tuning of each specific Revolution RS application. Feel and hear the power of the Revolution!

   more info coming soon...

also 2017-on Subaru BRZ

Type:   Cat-back system

Number of pieces
Piping:    TBA mm ( TBA in.)
Tip:   TBA mm (TBA ")
Gasket(s):    TBA " oval (qty: X included) replacement
Resonator:   Yes
Optional Silencer Available: TBA

Weight:  TBA lbs   (Stock weight  TBA lbs)
Sound level:  TBA dB(a)

HP:  +TBA  hp
TRQ:  +TBA  ft-lbs

*Data collected on stock vehicle    *Retains catalytic convertor, front pipe    
*TBA = To Be Announced

Part #: 1011810X
Price: TBA
Toyota MR-2 1990-96

GReddy EVOlution GT Exhaust - TBA

Car Make: Toyota
Car Model: MR-2
Car Year: 1990-96

More info. coming...

The evolution continues with new GReddy EVOlution GT exhaust line. Improved and refined, this latest generation of Evo exhaust incorporates our new high flow straight-through internals and limited lifetime warranty. It also retains the benefits of the compact and efficient, offset-tip design of the previous Evo’s muffler. Each EVOlution GT is carefully constructed from precision TIG welded, high quality 304 stainless-steel. High flow with a deep rich exhaust note is what the GReddy Evo line is know for.

Chassis: 6th Gen.
Engine: TBA
Type: TBA 
(Exhaust configuraion TBA)

Number of pieces: TBA
Piping: TBA mm (TBA")
Tip(s): TBA mm (TBA")
Gasket(s): TBA" oval (qty: TBA included) replacement
Resonator: TBA

Notes: TBA

Weight: TBA lbs 
Sound level: TBA dB(a) @4500RPM

Dyno Chart
HP: TBA hp
TRQ: TBA ft-lbs

*Data collected on stock vehicle *Retains catalytic convertor, front pipe
*TBA = To Be Announced

Part #: 1011830X
Price: TBA